Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gecko Food

When and What to Feed Your Gecko
The best times to feed your gecko will vary according to the individual. However, until these lizards are a year old, you should feed them five to seven times a week, using crickets or other insects appropriately sized for their mouths. (evenings after dark are best)
Once they reach adulthood, geckos can be fed anywhere from every other day to two or three times a week. The geckos should stay healthy looking and have fat tails.
Types of Gecko Food
The most common feeding insects are crickets - either black or brown, meal worms and wax worms. Large meal worms, also called super worms, are sometimes fed, as are locusts and roaches.
Leopard geckos will take some pre-killed food, but generally prefer it to be offered live. This is because the movements of the insects are stimulating to the lizard's hunting instinct, and encourage its appetite. Unless there's another reason not to do so, offer all insects alive.
Finally, No food should be longer than half the width of your gecko's head, to prevent choking. Another rule that can help you choose the correct prey size is to make sure that prey is no larger than the distance between your gecko's eyes. It's also important to supplement your lizard's food with vitamins and calcium, which can be gut loaded into insects, or dusted on before feeding.
Make sure you dust the food with calcium powder. Use a reptile vitamin once a week and once a week use a calcium with D3.  ****they can overdose on vitamin d3 so this is why I dust with d3 once a week

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