Sunday, April 24, 2011

Leopard Gecko Genetics—Part 1

This is a great refresher "course" article on Leopard Gecko genetics and how various morphs come about.
From Gecko Daddy:
"Have you ever felt like you needed to be a geneticist in order to figure out the difference between one leopard gecko morph and another? Have you ever wondered why one leopard gecko may cost three times as much as another when they look virtually the same? Do you have great plans to create a new leopard gecko morph that has never been seen before?

Leopard gecko breeding often requires a basic, and in some cases advanced, understanding of genetics. Good thing we all paid attention in our biology classes, right? When we understand genetics, we not only understand why a gecko may look the way it does, but we can also predict what it will look like before it even hatches. Here are some of the basic genetic terms and concepts that we needed to be reminded of:"Read on....

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