Friday, May 13, 2011

Some Leopard Gecko Fun Facts to Remember!

 Fun Facts About Leopard Geckos

   The leopard gecko is not just an ordinary lizard. This particular species is special in many ways. Here are some interesting and
fun facts about these wonderful reptiles.
           * Leopard geckos have leopard-like spots that cover their body.
Their base background color is yellow or orange, but through captive
Breeding many color variants have appeared.
         * Many geckos have toe pads that allow them to climb on vertical
walls and on the glass of a terrarium. Leopard geckos, however, do
not have toe pads; instead, they have small claws.
         * Leopard geckos are very gentle, which separates them from
the rest of the lizards and makes them great as pets. You really need to
provoke leopard gecko in order to make him angry, and even if he is angry
he usually won’t bite you.
      * Nearly all geckos have a voice! Leopard geckos have a voice that
resembles a small ‘‘bark.’’ They will use it if agitated.
      * Leopard geckos can live 20 years in captivity, and in some cases
they can live even up to 30 years.
      * Leopard geckos are nocturnal animals. They like dim light and they
come out at night, and sleep during the day.
       * Leopard geckos are immune to scorpion stings.
      * Leopard geckos are great pets. You can play with them and they are
not aggressive at all.
      * A housed leopard gecko will eat bugs and bugs only, so be sure to
find a specialized pet shop that sells them. The gecko likes to eat
waxworms too, but avoid giving them too many because they contain
a lot of fat. You can give them to your gecko as a treat once a week.


  1. Very cool, but wouldn't agree with the "bark" they make. I would more consider it a chirp, like a chick.

  2. my leo has some kind of bone disease which is ok I just help him with shedding and an occasional salt bath but I'm not sure if he was abused with the previous owner and I don't see signs off him ever losing his tail but he bites me pretty easily and ive been trying to tame him for about a month now and hes health has improved gratly but hes stiil aggressive anytips to help